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The story follows two Bangalore cops as they investigate an old case. Anant Nag plays Muthanna, a retired inspector while Rishi is Shyam, a sub-inspector working in the Traffic Police. Their search leads them across trails that will put their wit, resolve and morals to the test.

Kavaludaari 2019 Story:

The story opens in 1977, in the office of the Archaeological Department, Bengaluru. A person is dead and lying on the floor in a pool of blood; with a safe door wide open behind him. Another person is shown rushing away from the place in a car. He seemingly goes home in a hurry, his overcoat smeared in blood and the car is burned down. The story then cuts to 2017, Bengaluru; a Sub Inspector in the Traffic Department of Bengaluru Police, Shyam (Rishi) is interacting with various girls; in search of his future life partner. Shyam is of the opinion that he is good enough to be a Crime Branch Officer and constantly keeps appealing to his Seniors; which unfortunately get rejected. One day, near a Junction that Shyam manages, a construction worker’s kid accidentally discovers a skull. This prompts an investigation, during which more bones are recovered from the spot. Curiosity gets the better of Shyam and he requests permission from his senior officer to join the investigation, which once again gets a negative reply. Nonetheless, Shyam talks to the forensic experts present at the scene and is caught in the act by the Investigating officer, who asks him to mind his own business. Not the one to stand back so easily, later that night, Shyam goes back to the construction site, looking for clues. There he comes across an intruder, who identifies himself as Kumar (Achyuth Kumar), a press reporter and the proprietor of the not so famous news paper LOCKUP NEWS.

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Shyam reads further, when Kumar calls to tell that he is ready to help find Muthanna, as Kumar too is investigating the same case. Shyam begins to suspect that Naidu and his wife had killed Suresh in greed to steal the Jewels. Kumar meanwhile obtains the address of Muthanna and Shyam goes to meet him. He finds the gate locked and hence jumps over the wall. Initially, Muthanna drives away Shyam and once catches him while he is trying to escape from there. Muthanna is a retired Police Officer who passes his time drinking away and has no interest in Shyam in spite of the latter goading him to talk about the case. After multiple attempts at making him talk, finally Shyam gives up, insults Muthanna and leaves from there in frustration. Muthanna hallucinates about his past life, and later decides to help Shyam. Muthanna reveals to Shyam that Naidu was innocent and he was framed for the murder of Suresh and robbery of the Jewels. He then tells that he found a Blood stained paper in Naidu’s house, the handwriting on which came to his notice in another case, 8 years later. It was that of a doctor, who gave proof of Naidu saving someone’s life that night. Muthanna reveals that he isn’t interested in being a police officer anymore and hands over the baton of the case to Shyam. Shyam offers to drive Muthanna home after finding that the latter is under influence of Alcohol. Muthanna reveals to Shyam the tragic end of his family, many years ago.


In present day, Srinivas boasts of his status and says he has reached a position where no one will be able to catch him, and orders his henchman to finish off Muthanna after getting from him the name of the second police officer (Shyam). Muthanna cleverly gives him the name ‘Shenoy’, an alias Muthanna used in his earlier days in the force, in order to protect Shyam’s identity. After this he gets shot by the henchman, Shyam intervenes just then and shoots the henchman and attempts to save Muthanna in vain, but the latter dies after the Ambulance gets stuck in traffic. The Inspector in charge of Madhuri’s death case calls Shyam and tells that he has arrested 2 people who had Madhuri’s phone with them, they turn out to be the loan sharks who lent money to Kumar and reveal that they found the phone in Kumar’s bag. Shyam searches Kumar’s office and finds a watch gifted to him by Naidu, and then realizes Kumar’s true identity. It is when he figures out the whole scheme of things and Kumar’s hate for Srinivas/Fernandes. At a function where Srinivas is the chief guest, Shyam sneaks in and seemingly strikes a deal with him, after holding Srinivas at Gunpoint. He then takes Kumar to a discreet location and reveals that he knows how Madhuri died, Kumar then confesses. When Kumar had barged into Madhuri’s house for the interview, the latter panicked and angrily scuffled with him threatening to call the police, during which she slipped, hit her head on the sharp edge of the table and collapsed to her death. A frightened Kumar fled the place.

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